Top Rope Belay Certification

Beginner Friendly Classes

What is Top Rope Climbing?

When you visit our facility for the first time, you'll see many of the walls have ropes hanging from the tops of them.

When your partner secures you using one of these top anchored ropes, you can climb with confidence that if you miss a move or simply need to take a break, your well-equipped and well-trained partner can hold you in place.

You won't really fall very far, which means you also don't lose any progress.

Catch your breath, relax your arms, and climb on again from where you left off when ready!

A climber on the wall is secured by his belay partner who is managing rope slack as the climber ascends.
Three students taking a class with their rock climbing safety instructor.

Take One of Our Beginner-Friendly Classes! (Ages 14+)

Don't worry - Top Rope Belay Certification is beginner-friendly!

Classes occur on a schedule each day and you'll need to plan your day around it. The price of the class includes all-day access and rental gear!

Allow up to 90 minutes for your class and be able to stick around for at least another hour to climb after the class with your partner to really nail down what you learn!

Schedule Your Class
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