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The Perfect Gift For the Rising Stars in Your Life

Two Types of Gift Cards

Which Type of Virtual Gift Card Should You Purchase?

Please note, the two are purchased through two different systems and are NOT interchangeable/exchangeable.

Physical Gift Cards are not available at this time.

Facility Gift Card

For Access, Rental Gear, and Concessions (Drinks/Snacks). Access includes Day Passes, Membership, and Punch Cards.

Facility Gift Card
The page that opens when you press the button above is controlled by our gym management software and will appear different to our website.

Gear Shop Gift Card

For purchasing personal equipment, such as one's own harness, pair of shoes, chalk, or apparel. May be used in-person or online.

Gear Shop Gift Card

The button above leads to the Gift Card product page of The Edge Rock Gym - Miami's Online Gear Shop.

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