The Campus Board

How to Use the Campus Board

What is a Campus Board?

A Campus Board is a training board with fixed ladder style rungs to hold onto and is primarily focused on developing one's upper body strength, especially of the grip. These rungs are of varying depths to allow one to train one's grip strength with their body weight as they use the board as a whole to work on both static and dynamic climbing movements.

To "campus" along a route means to progress from hand hold to hand hold without the use of one's feet - sort of like using Monkey Bars on a playground. The term comes from climbers in Germany who built the first board of this type at The Campus Center in Nuremberg.

We've included a kickboard with foot rungs on our Campus Board - using your feet can be a great way for those newer to Campus Board Training to build up the upper body strength to necessary to do it as intended.

Training Methods on the Campus Board

Starting Out



Please Be Courteous!

Because of the space shared between the Campus Board and the Boulder Island, please be conscious of others with whom you may need to take turns to use the space.

Please do not try to step on hand rungs or components in the surrounding environment to try to get higher up on the board. Only place feet on the foot rungs on the kickboard toward the bottom of the board.

We ask that those using the Campus Board refrain from using Liquid Chalk to avoid excessive caking of the chalk on the board.


We thank you for brushing the holds and rungs on the Campus Board!

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