Birthday Parties, Field Trips, and Group Events

Together, Let's Host an Experience They Won't Soon Forget

What's Included in Your Group Climbing Event

90 Minutes Climbing Time


Climbing Harness for Auto-Belay Climbing

An Online Event RSVP Page for Guests that you can personalize!

Before climbing begins, your group will be led through a Facility Orientation, similar to the way individuals, couples, and families visiting on their own (and not during a group reservaton) would - allowing us to inform everyone about safety procedures, facility rules, and the etiquette of a facility like ours: a gym that our members love like their own homes.

Animated gif video clip of a climber being lowered by an automatic lowering device (auto-belay) on an indoor rock climbing wall.

Adults will receive instruction on how to operate our Auto-Belays. These are devices that are attached to the tops of several of our walls that a climber attaches to themselves (or children they are responsible for) via an attachment point on the harness.

Once the climber wants to come down from the wall (or if they miss a move and fall, all one has to do is let go of the holds and the device will slowly lower the climber to the ground!

Booking Requirements

Updated Minimum Age Requirement: All children must be at least 5 years of age by their last birthday in order to climb. Younger children may enter the building and spectate but must be under continuous supervision by an accompanying adult.

Minimum reservation size is for 10 climbers. All climbers must have passed their 5th birthday to participate.

Reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance to allow for event staffing.

Minimum weight for participating climbers is 45 lbs. while maximum safe weight is 300 lbs.

All guests, climbing or not - including outside vendors such as party caterers, decorators, or entertainment (e.g. magicians or clowns) - must have a facility waiver on file for prolonged time within the facility.

athletic shoe

Youth climbers should wear closed-toed athletic shoes. Crocs, sandals, or five-finger toe shoes are not appropriate. Climbers aged 14 and older, as well as any youth climbers without appropriate footwear, will be required to wear rental shoes.


Subject to availability

Birthday Parties (Effective February 2023):
Saturdays and Sundays at 9am or 1pm

Field Trips, Youth Groups, or Company Team Building Events:
Call us at (305) 233-6623 during our regular hours to discuss your event and desired reservation date or time.

Important: Reservations are not considered complete without leaving a deposit of $85. This may be made by phone using a credit or debit card.


$250 for up to 10 youth climbers, includes harnesses. $25 each additional youth climber.

climbing shoe

Youth climbers without appropriate footwear (see Booking Requirements above) or any climbers aged 14 or older must rent shoes at $9.50 per pair.

Larger group? $500 for up to 25 youth climbers, $20 each additional youth climber.


Having your attendees (or their parents) complete their waivers AND arrive early will save as climbing time begins counting down at the start of your reservation time to respect the time of the certified volunteer belay guides who will be coming to assist in your party.

Children’s Birthday Parties: As the organizer, you may have parents (or siblings of your child(ren)'s friends who also wish to climb but it is up to you to decide whether you will cover those parents’/siblings fees or if you want to let them know in advance that they can pay for themselves.

Regarding the Deposit: Your $85 reservation department will go toward the total cost of the reservation, though may be forfeit if our Events Room is left a mess following the party or due to damage to the facility or equipment due to irregular behavior or other unauthorized activity.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverage are not included in the reservation, though drink and snack concessions are available for purchase at our Front Desk, ranging in price from $1.50 and $3.50.

Parties are welcome to bring their own food and drink for their guests. Alcohol and controlled substances are strictly prohibited.

Please Note: We do not have refrigerators for food storage and would not recommend bringing an ice cream cake unless someone can bring it in time for when you'd like to blow candles out.

Alternatively, many parties opt to call out for delivery - pizza from All-Star Pizza is most common! (The gym receives no kick-backs for recommending you, but they're great and know where we are if you simply say your party is at "the rock climbing gym".)

The Events Room (Use is Optional)

If you prefer a very decorative celebration we recommend securing the 9am timeslot to allow you to come in the night before to decorate the room, and otherwise to visit the gym in advance of your reservation to see the space (waivers would be required of everyone who's visiting the facility before we could show you around).

Gym staff is generally scheduled to arrive around 30 minutes prior to the start of a Before Hours Reservation, but woud still need a few minutes to ready the facilities (e.g. turning the lights on, etc.) before being able to welcome you inside.

Complete Your Facility Waiver Ahead of Your Visit

If you book the 1pm timeslot, if there is a 9am party booked prior to yours, they will clear the room by 11:45am, and staff will need 15-30 minutes to get to clean the room (depending on how busy it is at our Front Desk), which means it would be safe to say you'll be able to enter the events room at 12:15pm-12:30pm to set up, although you'd be welcome to bring your food, drinks, and decorations upstairs from noon on.

Have a Look Around! (Virtual Tour)

Animation of virtual tour of our facility.

Note: Routes are changed regularly so what you see on the walls in the virtual tour won't be exactly what you'll see when you arrive!

Inside the Events Room

Interior of the events room at The Edge Rock Gym - Miami.

Room Dimensions: 29.5ft Long by 15.75 ft Wide

Furniture in the room includes two (2) green picnic tables, three (3) 6-foot plastic tables which may be folded away if unneeded, and metal folding chairs.

Please avoid using destructive adhesives or tacks when putting up your decorations.