Manage Your Autopay Membership


Please complete the form on this page to submit change requests to your Autopay Membership.

If any additional information or action is needed to complete your request, someone from the gym will contact you before the change is complete.

Completion of this form is not a guarantee of any changes to your Autopay Membership, as, once again, a staff member may need to get in touch with you to complete the change.

When your changes have been completed, you'll receive an email to the address you have on file at the gym (which you provided when you completed your most recent waiver).

Adding members to or removing members from your Autopay Membership must be done at the gym and requires entering a new agreement term. Our minimum commitment is six (6) months.

After your 6th month billing will continue unless you otherwise request to terminate your membership through this form.

Early termination (before your commitment term is complete) for any or all members on your agreement will require payment of an ealy termination fee in accordance with your agreement before your termination request can be completed.

Termination requests must be made before the first (1st) day of the month for which you wish not to be charged.

Freezing your Membership may be done for a maximum of three (3) months and may be done once every twelve (12) months.

Request Form