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The Lead Wall at The Edge Rock Gym - Miami

Climbing Area Rules and Safety

First-time visitors to our facility are required to attend a brief orientation before climbing. Infrequent climbers returning after more than a month since a previous visit are encouraged to take the orientation again.

Keep your personal belongings, yourself, and anyone you may be responsible for clear of where a climber could fall.

Adults are responsible for continuous supervision of any children they bring into the facility and should keep them from running, being in other climbers' fall zones, and pulling on hanging ropes.

Tumbling, wrestling/grappling, or other horseplay are not permitted.

Use of walls with hanging "top ropes" requires a certified belay partner who can competently secure the climber. Beginner-friendly Top Rope Belay Certification classes are available for those ages 14 and older to learn to belay together with a partner.

Lead climbing is an advanced  practice which requires certifications both to climb and to belay. Learn about Lead Climb and Belay Certification classes for when you are ready.

In instances where lead climbers are 50 lbs heavier or more than their belay partners, it is strongly suggested that partners rely on an assisted-braking resistor (such as an Edelrid OHM device) to increase rope friction and reduce the effects of their weight difference.

For liability reasons, Members/Guests are prohibited from teaching others how to belay.

Please do not bring food or drinks and refrain from chewing gum out on the climbing area mats. This includes keeping bottles or snacks in purses or bags. Guests often assume permission from what they see others do - you may not spill your drink, but someone who says "well, they've got their drinks out here" may.

Did You Know?

The holds you see up on the wall aren't just randomly placed to make the walls look colorful - they're all intentionally placed by routesetters that are responsible for how much fun you're having - or how much of an exciting challenge you're getting out of your session!

Warmup Area

Members (ages 16 and up) can supplement their climbing with strength and conditioning training in our upstairs Warmup Area!

Tour Warmup Area
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Warmup Areaa Rules and Safety

The Warmup Area is only for use by Members or Punch Card holders age 16 and up. Day Passes and Member Guest Passes do not include Fitness Center use.

Children should not be permitted into the Warmup Area unless they are participating in a Youth Program under the supervision of their coach.

Closed-toed athletic shoes are required to be worn in the Warmup Area.

Hand-wraps or gloves must be worn when using the heavy bag.

All persons who use the Warmup Area are responsible for their own safety and well-being and understand that the staff does not provide supervision, instruction, or assistance in the use of Warmup Area facilities and equipment to guests or general members.

The Edge Gear Shop

Need climbing gear of your own? You won't have to go far - we have a full Gear Shop for your Bouldering and Sport Climbing needs!

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Planning on a long climbing session? Drinks and snacks are also available for sale at our Front Desk!

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