The Edge Rock Gym - Miami
Waiver Instructions

Please be advised that climbers under 16 years old may NOT be left in the facility without adult supervision.

Waivers for minors must be completed by their own parents or legal guardians.

Adult blood relatives accompanying children other than parents —such as grandparents, adult siblings, aunts, uncles, or cousins— do not count as legal guardians. Legal guardians carry appropriate documentation to verify their guardianship. Step parents are not considered legal guardians unless they have also legally adopted the child.

Please share this page to the minor's parent or legal guardian before proceeding for your own waiver below.

To complete the waiver for yourself (and your children, if present), tap the button below.

To complete the waiver for your children — you'll include yourself as the adult in the form — click the button below.

If your children are being accompanied by another authorized adult, please send them a photo of your Driver License or other government issued photo ID after you finish the waiver for your child so we may validate it.

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